Redwood Silviculture

NZRC plants 4.0 metres between trees and 4.0 metres between rows to achieve 625 stems per hectare (sph) on our own land. The target final crop stocking is 400 to 450 sph. Redwood clones grown by NZRC have been chosen for rapid growth, fine branching and good stem form and, increasingly, wood characteristics. Because of this, high initial stockings are not required to control branch size and encourage good stem form.

Good quality trees, careful handling of trees and planting, and good weed control will ensure the trees have the best possible start.

Thinning should not be necessary in stands established at 500 sph or less. For higher stocked stands, thinning will be necessary to reduce the incidence of bark-encased knots and to ensure that the trees will produce adequately large diameter logs.


Coast Redwood Redwoods produce few seeds, and cannot be reliably grown from cuttings in the traditional sense for reasons that are not entirely understood. However, success has been achieved by tissue culture which is effectively taking miniature cuttings and propagating them in a strictly controlled sterile laboratory setting.

Trees with desirable characteristics such as rapid growth, fine branching, good stem form and desirable wood properties can be identified and copied in large numbers. This means there are no poorly performing trees; all have excellent growth, form and branch habit. Our A-list cultivars are selected from outstanding trees in the forests of California and New Zealand. They also meet minimum requirements for heartwood content, heartwood colour and basic density.

NZRC has developed a commercial-scale tissue culture propagation process of which there are only two in the world. We have contracts with two specialist propagators to produce quality trees to plant in your forest or woodlot. The tissue culture laboratory is used to reproduce our genetic material on demand. The strict conditions of the lab do not allow the deterioration of redwood tissue that leads to reduced vigour and survival of plantlets.

A specialist nursery takes the matchstick sized plantlets from the lab and produces a robust tree able to thrive in the forest environment. Our trees are shipped throughout NZ and are the first choice of the biggest redwood growers.

NZRC will recommend a selection of cultivars for your site on an order by order basis.

To guarantee supply of trees for planting, orders should be placed early.

Trees purchased Base Price
Above 10,000 $ 3.00
100 to 10,000 $ 3.20
Below 100 $ 4.00

Redwood forest establishment

NZRC recommends redwood growers seek professional advice from experienced foresters for establishment of any forest or woodlot. We can give recommendations on:

  • Site selection
  • Site preparation
  • Weed control
  • Silviculture
  • Forest protection
  • Where to find professional support